The Beginning

This is where it all begins. It has been exactly 8 days since my last kiss. But that kiss wasn't exactly desired. I was at a friend's welcome home party, and another friend (Jack) was talking to me all night. When I went to the bathroom, he was right there standing outside of the door. And when I opened the door, he was blocking my only way out. He pushed his way on me and started kissing me. Which smashed me against the bathroom counter and my drink against my chest. When he started closing the door, I knew that I needed to get out.
And that leaves us with, my last perfect kiss. Which occurred on April 12, 2009. The day that my ex-boyfriend (boyfriend at the time) left town and moved 600 miles away. Even though that kiss was filled with tears from a broken heart, regret that I might never see him again, and a love that I had never experienced before, it is one of the kisses I measure every other kiss against (and every man).
Maybe it means that I spend too much time looking for that spark, that I miss what is right in front of me, but I think that you should spend the rest of your life looking for the kiss that changes your life.

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  1. How Sweet :D

    Loadz Of Love ........

    Love is Like Breeze Set it free, if it Comes back to you ... its yours ... if it doesn't it never meant to be ..... :D