Treat me Right

I don't know about you, but the more that I see my friends in relationships, the less I want a boyfriend. It just seems to me that my friends are settling. They are with someone who just doesn't seem to treat them right.
Like today, I was with one of my best friends and her boyfriend, and he kept on yelling at her and at one point she responded to him when he said bitch (he was talking about a woman in the car next to us, but she responded). It just seems like she doesn't respect herself enough if she is with him. If my boyfriend called me a bitch, especially in front of my friends, he would get an ear full and maybe even a smack on the face.
It comes down to this. If you let someone walk all over you, you aren't secure with yourself. You constantly yearn to be in a relationship because that is where you feel happy. But you can never truly be happy unless you are secure with yourself.

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