I hate nagging

This is what I don't understand. Girls who are constantly nagging their boyfriend, wanting them to check in. I've never once asked a boyfriend to call me and tell me where he is. And because of that, I have always had boyfriends who tell me what they are doing. Sometimes they call and tell me what they are doing that night and they want to know what I am doing. And the girls that nag their boyfriends? They only know what their boyfriend is doing when they call and ask them about ten times. It seems to me that if you act like you don't care, the information will come your way.

Or what about asking your boyfriend to pay more attention to you. It seems very desperate to me to ask him to pay more attention. If I ever feel slightly neglected, I won't pay as much attention to him. I pay less attention to me then he does to me. And what do I get? I have a boyfriend who is super attentive. Kissing me and getting me a drink. Problem solved. And what about the girls who were asking for more attention? Still asking.

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