I'm never going to claim that he was perfect because nobody is. It is the imperfections that we fall in love with. I love the way that he knew when something was wrong and he always knew exactly how to make me talk. He would drive me absolutely insane until I wanted to beat him up, then I would tell him what was wrong and he would just hold me. He was my first love and I wish I never had to say goodbye, but not being able to see him was breaking my heart.
He would always tell me that I would see him soon. He would say that the last month in June he would come out here. And then July came and I still hadn't seem him. I would get so excited and then my heart would fall and I would be in the car crying my eyes out afraid that I would never get to see him.
To this day, I still love him. My heart still skips a beat when I hear his name. And then I have to remind myself that they aren't even talking about him. Its someone else. I still get nervous when I talk to him and I always wish that I could hold him one more time.

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